SAND(Tetralogy "The four Elements" : Earth )





Summer 2002. Mahaut lives in Paris.
She lives a life whithout enthusiasm, between walks along the Seine, his work sur does not dream and her boyfriend sur does not really want to see.









Mahaut Rabattu   Mahaut
Elisa Menez   Elisa
Hélène Mahieu   The mother of Mahaut
Chantal Desroches   The woman of the coffee


Lorianne Gallas   Mahaut's friend
Laurent Bariteau   Man with the rabbit

Other characters

Rachid El Hamdi   Mahaut colleague
Olivier Blanchard   The terrorist


Mario Feroce   Director
Pascal Lesaulnier   Sound engineer
Nathalie Gormand   Continuity girl
Céline Morfoise   Make-up artist
Samya Teboursouki   Costume design
Julien Michel   Sound mixer
Mario Feroce   Editor
Elisa Gagliardi Mangilli   Italian Subtitles
Manora Shelley   English Subtitles



And if the Sand arrived in Paris?
and if the sand revealed love, like the mirage reveals the hope, like the dream reveals the world, like the "legend" told us the alchemy of life? And if love offered us the trouble?
and if ... And if the sand was going away? ....

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